8mbets Affiliate Program: Earn Extra Income By Sharing

This article discuss about 8mbets Affiliate Program. Are you interested in discovering a way to generate substantial income through passive or auxiliary income? Individuals, organizations, and website owners are all welcome to become 8Mbets partners and generate additional revenue from the following:

Using the affiliate network at 8MBets, one can generate an exceptionally substantial revenue. Certain associates derive greater profits from these ventures than from their primary employment. Surprisingly, our collaboration has emerged as their primary source of revenue. This is because they distribute almost fifty per cent of their profits to their associates while offering them an extensive structure and promotional items to facilitate their daily tasks.

It is Simple to register and appreciate becoming our partner at no cost; there is no cost to join, and you can earn a HIGH profit. Advertisements and advertising items that are PRE-MADE Lastly, it is a RECOGNIZED online casino.

8MBets AFfiliate

Let’s Get Hit Step by Step to One Of The Best Affiliate Program At 8mbets! 

Registration First: 

  • To enroll, adhere to the following steps:
  • Access the legitimate 8mbets site.
  • The “Register” option appears on the site’s first page.
  • Provide your personal information.
  • Develop an encrypted username and password. 
  • Keep this data secure location.
  • You are in excellent standing once you accept the website’s guidelines, limitations, and protection policy.

Logging in: 

Creating a user account makes logging in an effortless process:

  • Proceed to the 8mbets site.
  • Press “Login” from the upper-right portion of the page.
  • Input The password and username.
  • By clicking “Login,” you will receive your 8mbets registration.

A Way to Deposit Money to start your journey.

To place your first wager, you must first finance your 8mbets portfolio. 

  • Access your 8mbets user account.
  • Proceed towards the “Cashier” or “Deposit” option. 
  • Choose the payment option that you desire. 
  • Input the desired deposit sum.
  • Adhere to the guidelines displayed on-screen.
  • Finalize the deposit procedure.
  • 8mbets is highly concerned with confidentiality. 
  • Your money-related information is safeguarded by utilizing cutting-edge encryption techniques.

Now Join 8mbets’s Affiliate Program

  • Go to the specific link to join 8mbets’s affiliate program for Bangladeshi users.
  • The link to join the Affiliate program is pitched on the top title bar.
  • Click on it 
  • An application form will appear. 
  • New user, you need to follow all the steps given above.
  • Enter referral ID or link. 
  • This is the link you get from your friend or family to invite you to the best affiliate program at 8mbets.
  • Press next and follow the further steps.

Here Is the Commission Structure Of Its Affiliate Program:

8MBets AFfiliate commission
Level of AffiliateNumber of active playersCommission rate
Agent15 Percent
Partners5 or >40 Percent
Special partners20 or >50 Percent

Calculation of Commission at 8mbets affiliate

8MBets AFfiliate money
  1. (Company’s Win or Loss – Bonus – Rebate – Royalty Cost) x (Commission Rate) = Total Commission
  2. Rewards and Transaction fees x Rate of other Costs = Final
  3. Final Commission= Total Commission – Final Other Cost 

The lowest amount of commission withdrawal is one thousand BDT. The affiliate will deliver the commission share in the selected currency during registration.

8MBets Affiliate secures the right to revise the terms occasionally. Any revisions, transformations, enhancements, or modifications to the agenda are possible anytime, including the getaway of new segments and available resources.

Terms And Conditions Of Usage

8MBets AFfiliate refer
  • To join the 8MBets Affiliate Program, please visit 8MBets PARTNERS.
  • Joining 8MBets Partner is free of charge. After completing the affiliate registration form, their Affiliate Program Supervisor will contact you within three days of registering.
  • Becoming an affiliate, associate, or colleague is not a prerequisite to generating additional income for us; this includes individuals, organizations, and website owners.
  • They do not impose a commission-earning limitation; you can earn unlimited.
  • Affiliate earnings are deposited into the affiliate wallets on Mondays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm (GMT+6). Funds are deposited into the affiliate’s financial account within three business days of submitting a withdrawal request.
  • All affiliate commissions are deposited into an affiliate wallet, which can be withdrawn from your chosen financial account anytime.
  • Multiple metrics and the performance of your advertising effort can be monitored in the affiliate account’s report section.
  • Your consideration of the 8MBets affiliate program is appreciated. This agreement is structured to protect all parties involved, including you, 8MBets, and our customers. Kindly ensure a comprehensive reading. For any inquiries, kindly reach out to our round-the-clock Live Chat Support.

Affiliate constitution

The rules and regulations for participating in the 8MBets affiliate scheme are outlined in this contract. The candidate is referred to as “Affiliate” throughout this contract. “8MBets” is the legal entity you enter into this contract. To become a subsidiary member, you must affirm that you have understood and complied with the following terms.


An affiliate can request a payment once the current balance hits a minimum of USD 100. 

The referral

The association is established solely when its affiliates direct individuals to the 8MBets websites via a distinctive Affiliate URL or QR. Affiliates are granted permission to incorporate links, banners, email messages, or posts that they promote. You may only utilize this approach to conduct advertising on their behalf.


Affiliates are granted access to the 8MBets advertising tools accessible through the Marketers section. Altering logos or other assets is not permitted. The Affiliates acquire no trademarks, copyrights, or additional rights to the items under the law.

While competing with 8MBets, the Partner will only sometimes suggest that they interact to represent the Initiative Name when placing ad bids. The Affiliate shall never falsely or misleadingly describe themselves, 8MBets, or their affiliation with 8MBets.

The Disclosure Of Confidential Information

Allies may be given private data concerning the 8MBets Enterprise and Affiliate program throughout this agreement. Unless they provide written authorization, you commit to refrain from disclosing or illegally using any such private data concerning others. Your responsibilities concerning private data shall remain in effect even after the expiration of this agreement.

8mbets is the platform for a stimulating encounter with sports wagering. By adhering to the straightforward registration, authentication, and deposit procedures, you will quickly benefit from everything that 8mbets must provide.